A New Monastic Approach to Christian Spirituality as the way of life of Jesus

Christian Spirituality finds its roots in the Christian tradition from the second century ACE inspired by Christian monasticism that began with the great number of Christians who went into the deserts of Alexandria and Syria (in North Africa).

From its earliest days Christian forms of monasticism were focused on a whole of life approach to the question ‘How should we live?’.  In the early Church this was about trying to explore being Christian in the context of the violence and patriarchy of the Roman Empire, so that the early rules of life centred around vows of Poverty (in a culture of privilege and power through money and land holdings) Obedience to God, (in a culture where everybody was out for themselves regarding greed and pride) and chastity (covenanted sexual relationships or celibacy as a response to a culture defined by hedonism and promiscuity).

New Monasticism in many ways can be seen as a response to the crises at the heart of the 21st Century world of ecological crisis, and the deprivation of a culture defined by global capitalism and the unrestrained global market system.  In many ways New Monastics seek to live out a live in the world but not of it, so live out values around love, community collaboration and serving the common good, social, economic and ecological justice, and a healthy expression of spirituality centred on a rhythm of life of contemplative prayer and action.

At St Lukes we have begun a New Monastic Fresh Expression of Church, with the clergy house being the mother house, and a balance of worship mission and community.  As a nacent new monastic community we are at the stage of listening to God and beginning to discern the beginnings of a rhythm of life. For more information click here

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