Stewardship 1: Jesus’ teaching on discipleship and the call to generous stewardship


In this podcast, the first in a series addressing stewardship, Ian Mobsby explores the gospel reading of Luke 20.27-38, where the Saducees attempt to ridicule Jesus because of the claims of eteneral life.  Ian explores the basis so Christian understanding of discipleship and the key place of stewardship as an important commitment and element of seeing that our lives and […]

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Interested in joining the St Lukes New Monastic Community? Gathering at All Saints Church Sun 6th Nov 7.30pm


On Sunday 6th November there will not be an evening service at St Lukes Church, and instead those involved in the community will be part of a presentation of New Monasticism and our vision of what we are wanting to do, at All Saints Church by Peckham Rye train station.  The presentation begins at 7.30pm, so please do join us […]

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Finding inner peace through Christian Spirituality


There is much about modern life that makes it stressful with the great danger that we exist only at the surface of ourselves.  In Cities life is even faster.  The temptation then comes to fill your life with stuff – netflix a film a podcast what ever it takes to distract yourself. But eventually we all become aware that by […]

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A New Monastic Approach to Christian Spirituality as the way of life of Jesus


Christian Spirituality finds its roots in the Christian tradition from the second century ACE inspired by Christian monasticism that began with the great number of Christians who went into the deserts of Alexandria and Syria (in North Africa). From its earliest days Christian forms of monasticism were focused on a whole of life approach to the question ‘How should we […]

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West Africa Exhibition at the British Library


In late autumn 2015, a group from St Luke’s Church Peckham went to see the West Africa Exhibition of Word, Symbol and Song.  Marion, a participant of our Sunday Morning Congregation was one of the curators that made this event happen.   It was a feast of cultural, political, art, song, crafts and much more, exploring the history and experiences […]

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