Reflections on living under a temporary vow with Jaime and Barton from the St Anselm Community


On Tuesday 16th of May the New Monastic Community gathered in the Clergy House for our usual Tuesday meal with guests Barton and Jaime who have been part of the non-residential element of the St Anselm Community for a year.  In this evening Jaime and Barton reflect on their experienes and wisdom for the Wellspring Community days before the community […]

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Lent 2: Be the change you want to see by Ian Mobsby


In this podcast on the second Sunday of Lent, Ian Mobsby explores the conversation in the Gospel of John Chapter 3 between Nicodemus, (a leading religious leader and Pharisee in Jerusalem) with Jesus.  It becomes plain to see that Nicodemus is unable to recognise who Jesus is and his significance because he is blinded by a faith that sees faith […]

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St Luke’s team as part of Peckham Citizens led by Calum Green explore local residents needs


Today members of St Luke’s Sunday morning and evening congregations combined to knock on doors on Commercial Way, Chandler Way and Pentridge Street to listen to the views of local residents concerning their struggles and thoughts about local issues. Calum, our Community Organiser co-ordinating Peckham Citizens led the team. We are compiling results and will publish these soon. We are […]

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Peckham Churches Good Friday Gathering Fri 14th April


The Peckham Group of Churches have submitted an application to Southwark Council to hold an event for this year’s Good Friday. We await the outcome of this submission. So the various participants of Peckham Churches are coming together to mark Good Friday with a short procession from Rye Lane Chapel down Rye Lane to Peckham Square for an hour of […]

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Christmas Eve: We are a people of the Incarnation by Ian Mobsby


In this podcast Ian Mobsby explores lectionary texts for Christmas Eve to explore the significance of Jesus coming as a human being, as an incarnate God man.  The texts speak to us of justice, and the call of Jesus as the God-with-us means that God is serious about our humanity, and also about our salvation.  Further, we are called to […]

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Advent 3: Are you the One or do wait for an other? by Ian Mobsby


In this podcast Ian Mobsby explores Matthew 11:2-11 and the question that the disciples of John the Baptist ask of Jesus when John has been imprisoned “Are you the one or should we wait for an other?”.  This is is a critical question because it was not obvious to John the Baptist whether Jesus was the Messiah or not.  For […]

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Advent 1 & Stewardship 3: With justice comes judgement of injustice


In this podcast, the third in the series addressing stewardship, Ian Mobsby explores Matthew 24.36-44 to understand the issue of judgement and the accountability of people to live out justly, particularly with the poor, the sick and the vulnerable.   The words of this text are tough, and the texts about judgement and the coming of Jesus in what is […]

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Stewardship 2: Stewardship in the Hebrew Scriptures & Remembrance Sunday


In this podcast, the second in the series addressing stewardship, Ian Mobsby explores 1 Chronicles chapter 29 in the context of King David and his prayerful preparation of raising funds for the building of a new temple by his son King Solomon.  Ian explores the application of this text to planned financial stewardship today. You can subscribe to this podcast […]

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St Luke’s Patronal Festival: Love as a the currency of the Kingdom of God by Fr Edward Doyle


In this podcast recorded at the St Luke’s Patronal Festival on Sunday 23rd October 2016, Fr Edward Doyle, Rector of Rogate in the Diocese of Chichester, explores the implications of Jesus’ reading of the scroll in the synagogue in Capernaum.  Fr Edward Doyle draws on the text of Luke 18.9-14  explores the implications of Jesus reading the prophetic words from […]

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