Epiphany 3: The Kingdom and the body of Christ by Shannon Preston


In this podcast on the third Sunday of Epiphany 2016, Shannon Preston, (Priest from the Episcopal Church of the United States who is part of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s St Anselm Community living in Lambeth Palace), explores the implications of Mark 4: 14-21 when Jesus begins his ministry with the prophetic words of Isaiah.: The Spirit of the Lord is […]

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Epiphany One: Living the baptism orientated life as a Christian


In this podcast on the first Sunday of Epiphany 2016, Ian Mobsby explores the theme of ‘Living the baptism orientated life’ drawing on the Gospel of Luke, and his interepration of the baptism of Jesus.  Luke is different to other gospel writers in that there are no details about the baptism, but a greater concern for what happened afterwards.  For […]

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Christmas One: A Christianity that costs and where often you don’t fit in


In this podcast on the first Sunday of Christmas 2015/16 Ian Mobsby draws on the Gospel of Luke 2:41-52 and Acts 7.51-60 to explore the theme of a Christianity that costs. In the Acts reading Ian explores the death of Stephen, the first Christian to die for their faith, and also the Luke reading of a young 12 year old […]

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Christmas Day: Emmanuel is not the ‘God with them’ but the ‘God with us’


In this podcast on Christmas Day at St Luke’s Church Peckham Ian Mobsby explores the meaning of ‘Emmanuel’ as ‘God with us’.  Too often in Christianity the story of the birth of Jesus is heard as the story of the God ‘for them’.  This homily explores the generous and scandalous love of God, that seeks to come as a fragile […]

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West Africa Exhibition at the British Library


In late autumn 2015, a group from St Luke’s Church Peckham went to see the West Africa Exhibition of Word, Symbol and Song.  Marion, a participant of our Sunday Morning Congregation was one of the curators that made this event happen.   It was a feast of cultural, political, art, song, crafts and much more, exploring the history and experiences […]

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