Knife Crime and the challenge of striving for Faith Hope and Love by Fola Ekundayo


In this podcast Fola Ekundayo explores the implications of Pauls Letter to the Thessalonians chapter 1 regarding the call to work for faith hope and love in the context of gang related knife crime and public safety in Peckham.  This was recorded at St Lukes Peckham on Sunday 22nd Oct 2017. You can subscribe to this podcast for free by iTunes by […]

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The Challenge of Ordained Priesthood by Bp Karowei the Bp of Woolwich


In this podcast recorded on tthe 24th September 2017, Bp Karowei the Bishop of Woolwich in the Diocese of SOuthwark explores the lectionary passages in the context of the demands and calling of Ordained ministry.  This was recorded at St Luke’s Church Peckham. You can subscribe to this podcast for free by iTunes by clicking here.

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The Challenge of Wheat & Weeds in the Church and in Us by Ian Mobsby


In this podcast Ian Mobsby explores the implications of Jesus’ teaching of the parable of the ‘Wheat and Weeds’ as recorded in Matthew 13.24-30,36-43. The parable challenges us to be careful and awar eof our moitvations, and that our commitment to Christ dies require the orientation of our hearts to the way of Jesus. This is not an easy parable, […]

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What is New Monasticsm? The Spiritual story of Adam Bucko, founder in New York in dialogue with the Wellspring Community Peckham


In this podcast recorded on tthe 11th July 2017, Adam Bucko told his life story to unpack how new monasticism impacted his life, spirituality and world.  Adam is a founder of a radical new monastic commuiity in New York whose loving action was the support and encouragememt of street homeless young people.  Adam’s story is quite unique with influences from […]

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