Introduction to Benedictine Spirituality with Abbot Stuart Burns OSB


In this podcast Abbot Stuart Burns OSB of the Anglican Benedictine Mucknell Abbey met with the nascent new monastic community at St Lukes Peckham to explore the distinctiveness of Benedictine spirituality and religious life.  This was recorded at a Community Gathering on Tuesday 5th July 2016 at the Mother House to the St Lukes Peckham South London. You can subscribe to […]

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A New Monastic Approach to Christian Spirituality as the way of life of Jesus


Christian Spirituality finds its roots in the Christian tradition from the second century ACE inspired by Christian monasticism that began with the great number of Christians who went into the deserts of Alexandria and Syria (in North Africa). From its earliest days Christian forms of monasticism were focused on a whole of life approach to the question ‘How should we […]

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Franciscan Spirituality with Sr Joyce


    Last night on Tues 15th December, a number of people from our nascent new monastic community met up with Sister Joyce of the Community of St Francis who have a Franciscan House in Southwark.  The evening was organised to help us begin to explore the importance of the insights of Franciscan thinking around Christianity to help us to […]

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