Hire Process for One-Off Events


1. Please contact the Parish Church Office on Wednesdays 10.30am to 3pm on 020 7701 3468 to see if the Church Hall is available for your event.

Please note that the following will not be considered for one off events:

  • Certain religious services (Sundays the Hall is rented out to a local Church)
  • Events starting after 10pm of wanting to go beyond 11pm

The following events will be considered:

  • Baby Showers, children birthdays, family parties
  • Gatherings of cultural and ethnic associations and meetings
  • After religious services celebrations and gatherings
  • Keep fit and other educational, wellbeing or health orientated lettings

2. The Hall can only be reserved if you put an initial deposit down of £50 in CHEQUE, BACS or POSTAL ORDER.  We do not accept Cash Deposits.  A full security deposit needs to be paid and fee at last 2 weeks before the event, again by Cheque, BACS or Postal Order.

3. You will need to come and see the hall and complete required paperwork on a wednesday 10.30 to 3 or by appointment outside of this time.  Again please contact the Parish Church Office on Wednesdays 10.30am to 3pm on 020 7701 3468.


We will need to explore a formal contract for this.  To begin this exploration, please make an appointment on a Wedensday Morning to meet with the Priest in Charge and/Or Church Wardens to discuss your needs, and what we can provide including estimated fees.  Please call on a wednesday on 020 7701 3468 to organise this.