Hitting our financial stewardship target for 2016-17

Thanks to all that contributed to meet our stewardship target for what we set 2016-17.  It took a little longer than we anticipated, but we have finally got there.  These extra pledges and giving will enable us to:

  • start paying the Diocese unpaid backpayments going back over 4 years for the Parish Support Fund whilst meeting our pledge in full for 2017 so thart we do not run up any more unpaid obligations.
  • start putting in place Parish Office Administration, now critical to the building up of mission and ministry at St Luke’s Church Parish.
  • Small budgets to support development for activities for Younger people and an expanding ministry team at St Luke’s.

So thanks to all that contributed – we have achieved what we have set out in what are not easy times.  Bg thanks to all.


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