How do I develop a Spiritual Life?

Developing a spiritual life is essential for wellbeing in the busyness and complexity of modern life.   In the Christian tradition, there has been what is called a ‘contemplative spirituality’ as one of the strands of Christianity from when it began around the beginning of ACE.

These prayer practices draw on approaches some of which are very ancient and go back to what is known as the ‘Desert Mothers and Fathers’ who were Christians who went into the Alexandrian and Syrian Deserts in response to the faith being absorbed into the Roman Empire and institution.  These early Mothers & Fathers formed radical communities living out a profound Christian spirituality of prayer and action, where prayer was a form of contemplation for stilling the body and mind and reorientation it around the heart centred on peace and encountering God.

We have uploaded these prayer practices to be an audio and written resource that can be found here, with the specific prayer practices here.

If you are feeling unwell or desperate, we advise you to contact your GP or any of these support services.   

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