Wellspring Community

The St Lukes Parish has what is called a ‘new religious community’ or ‘new monastic community’ as a fresh expression of church as part of its life.

It is aimed at those who may not find traditional forms of Church and worship services accessible, and who are seeking a more contemplative space and community to develop their own spirituality in a quieter more reflective approach to a church worship service and community.

The weekly Sunday Evening Worship Service and our daily prayer Monday to Thursday are led by members of our new monastic community.

All those who are part of the community live a normal life but seek to be committed to following the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels, and seek to be a missional and contemplative community, a community within a community here at St Lukes.

The Community is open to new people getting involved in different ways, and to come to the daily prayer and evening service which are all public acts of worship.

To be a more ‘new monastic’ form of Christian involves living to a Rhythm of Life, where people make annual commitments to a daily life of prayer, work, participative community and seeking God.  As such it is made up of those who are pursuing the Christian spiritual life, a way of wholeheartedly following Christ, setting the Gospel into practice. We pray that by offering our lives in this way, we might together become a resource and treasure that enriches the whole of life of the church.

The Seasonal Vows

To a daily life of:

  • prayer and devotion
  • learning and reconciliation
  • service and hospitality 
  • work and wellbeing 

Inspired by Franciscan, Ignatian and Benedictine spirituality and practice, we recognise five different spaces of belonging that relate to stages of faith and our central charisms and seasonal vows.

  • Associates – those who live at a distance from the community, who support the community in prayer and financial support, and attend events when able.
  • In Training – those who have begun formation in an aspect of Christian ministr, whether lay or ordained or in the discernment of joining recognised religious community’s
  • Companions – those who are spiritually journeying with the community who aspire to live to some of the charisms of the community but are not yet ready to commit to being a follower of Jesus Christ.
  • Participants – those who are committing to following Jesus Christ but not ready yet to commit to the seasonal vows because of pressures of work or other issues that prevent regular weekly participation in the worship, mission and community life of the community.
  • Professed – those who have made a commitment to the seasonal vows and participate in the regular weekly rhythm of prayer, community and service.

To learn more about the Wellspring Comunity and their activities and events as part of the family of St Luke’s, please click this link.