Our Annual Parochial Church Meeting: 29th April 2018








Priest in Charge Video of Presentation – Looking forward in 2018 and 2019


Published Results of the Elections at the APCM on 29th April:

  1. APCM 2018 Election Results Notice
  2. Electoral Roll Results for APCM Notice

Published Agenda and Reports for the APCM on 29th April:

  1. The Agenda
  2. Chair Report for 2017
  3. Electoral Officer Report by Sandra Douglas
  4. Secretary’s Report
  5. Deanery Synod Report by Sunny Lambe
  6. Children’s Church Report by Ayo Ojumu
  7. Youth Sub-Committee Report by Revd Sandra Schloss
  8. Hall Sub-Committee Report by Sunny Lambe
  10. EveningService Report
  11. Church Wardens Report
  12. Mothers Union Report
  13. Mens Forum Report
  14. Financial Report
  15. Priest in Charge Report Looking Forward 2018 Handout

Approved Minutes for the APCM Meeting Spring 2017

  1. Approved Minutes for APCM Meeting 2017


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