Samaritan Fund Appeal August 2019


Thanks to all those who have helped us support those facing destitution in the Peckham/Camberwell Area in the last two years.  We are so grateful for all the support that has been given. We are however seeking new support to sustain helping people….

Seeking a new appeal to build up funds to help families and individuals enter into the new Peckham Pantry Scheme

Because so many local people have desperate needs because of benefit cuts, zero-rate contracts and other needs we want to launch a new appeal to raise funds to help individuals and families to enter into our new Peckham Pantry Project which supports those who for £4.50 get £15 of food and supplies. For those who are destitute or awaiting universal credit, we are wanting to offer people 4 weeks paid membership so that they can each Wednesday get £15 of food for free and is a good solution to reduce the enormous pressure now on Foodbanks.

We will continue to give one off emergency Samaritan fund assistance to help those who have been sanctioned from not received benefits for a number of ridiculous reasons, resulting in many having no money for electricity, gas and food when there are children involved.  So we have set up a fund to assist people in the local area with up to £60 payments for:

  • One-off assistance with money for electricity and gas meter
  • One-off assistance for refugees with needing emergency assistance that they cannot get from other agencies.
  • One-off assistance for non-UK Citizens facing serious prejudice around access to Welfare Support who have a right to reside in the UK.

We are therefore seeking people to make financial donations towards this fund to help us in this important act of Christian compassion.

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