Samaritan Fund St Lukes – An Update and Appeal for more funds for desperate local people


I am pleased to say that in the last four months we have been able to help 14 desperate families and individuals to keep going when they have not had enough money for food, gas or electricity.  These have all been local residents and one local asylum seeker in the parish.

We have funded this totally by generous donations made via paypal through the website, facebook and twitter…

We only have £40 left in the fund, so are appealing for more funds to help us sustain this ministry. 

Because so many local people have desperate needs because of benefit cuts, we have set an emergency Samaritan fund to help those who have been sanctioned from not received benefits for a number of ridiculous reasons, resulting in many having no money for electricity, gas and food when there are children involved.  So we have set up a fund to assist people in the local area with up to £60 payments for:

  • One-off assistance with money for electricity and gas meter
  • One-off assistance with buying food
  • One-off assistance for refugees with needing emergency assistance that they cannot get from other agencies.

We are therefore seeking people to make financial donations towards this fund to help us in this important act of Christian compassion.

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