Baptisms & Confirmation

Child and Adult Baptism
As a Church of England Church, all people who live in the parish and those who are regular attenders of the Church have the right to have their children baptised or blessed in a service of thanksgiving.  It is also possible for adults to be baptised (if they were not baptised as children) and to be confirmed.  To understand the theological differences between a service of thanksgiving and baptism, please read the linked file below:


To be considered for baptism, please download, print off the form, and complete in full ensuring that it is readable and is clear about the address, and please complete and send to:  Priest in Charge, St Luke’s Church, Chandler Way, SE15 6DT. If you have any questions about baptism please speak to one of the clergy after a service or come to our parish office on any wednesday 10.30am to 3pm.

baptism application form

It is usual in the Church of England, for people to affirm the Christian Faith as a personal choice later in life as an adult and teenager.  The usual younger limit to affirm faith is 6years old.  In Anglican Churches of the Catholic tradition, it is usual that you are confirmed before you usually receive Holy Communion.  Again it is the right for those who live in the parish or who attend religious services at the parish church to be able to get confirmed.  Please complete the form below and send in to the address above. It is usual to have to attend confirmation classes, and to attend a service of confirmation with a Bishop in the Church of England.

confirmation application form