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Banns of Marriage
Most weddings that take place in a Church of England Church requires what is called ‘Banns of Marriage’ to be read out in the individual church where you plan to get married, as well as the parish churches where you and your partner live.  Where you live together in the same parish where you plan to get married, or are on the electoral roll of that parish this will require one reading.  In a worst case scenario, that you are living apart and want to get married in a Church where neither you or your partner live, then this will require three readings in each of these parish churches. To go through the Banns of Marriage process both partners will need to be an EU Citizen resident in the UK.  If you are a UK resident where one of the parties lives outside of England then you will need to consider a Common License instead of Banns. If one of the partners is not an EU national, then you will need to apply for a Superintendent Registrar License which requires the couple to follow through a legal process that must be completed in full.  So Common License and Superintendent Licenses do not require the couple to follow a Banns of Marriage process.

Banns are read out over three successive Sunday Morning Services at St Luke’s Church, and after three weeks, the Priest-in-Charge will issue a Banns Certificate to be sent to the Parish Anglican Priest at the parish Church where the wedding is taking place.  These certificates are only valid for three months, so need to be completed at a time not earlier than three months. So please complete the banns applications below, and send with contact email and telephone numbers to the Church Address below. Please note that at least one of the couple will need to meet with our Priest in Charge and provide the following evidence:

  • Bring Proof of address such as a recent utility bill in the name of one of the couple.
  • Bring EU or UK Passport in date.
  • Download, print and complete BannsApplicationForm
  • Send to: Parish Office, St Lukes Church, Chandler Way, Peckham SE15 6DT
  • To make an appointment to see the Priest, please leave a message on 020 7703 4913.
  • For full information on Banns download this advice how2-bannsmarriagescertificates-cofe

Marriage in a Church is an important element of a healthy human society.  As a Church we want to support people to explore the importance of marriage which is a serious commitment, that should not be made lightly.  We seek to help prepare people for marriage as well as support couples in preparing for the marriage service.  As an inclusive church we seek to support those seeking marriage either for the first time or remarriage following a bereavement or divorce.  In the Church of England, there is a process the Priest has to follow in regard to remarriage after divorce, and we will support you through this process.

To be married in St Luke’s Church you need to live within the parish, or to be on the electoral roll of the parish if you live outside of the parish.  To be on the electoral roll you need to have attended services for at least 6 months, see the membership section.

To be considered for marriage, please contact the Priest in Charge in the contact section of this website, and print off and complete in full the application form below. We also advise you read the legal information for a wedding to ensure you are eligible.  Ideally you should bring a photocopy of your passport, and visas and if an EU citizen, relevant ID Cards or documentation.  In the UK there are now detailed regulations that need to be met for marriages that involve Non-EU Citizens under the License of the Southwark Council Registrar.  So please do read through this website if this pertains to you.

Do also use this website to help you in your preparation for your wedding service.

Wedding Application Form

Wedding Application Form for couples where one or both are divorced


Sometimes couples of mixed nationalities choose to have two services, where one is a legal wedding meeting local marriage laws, and where the other can either be a betrothal or a blessing.  A Betrothal is a service before a Priest where a couple commit to the process leading up their wedding.  This was traditionally the beginning of an engagement.  So couples can either use a betrothal service to mark the beginning of an Engagement or as a form of service to celebrate their intent to get married in another country.  If you are interested in this please do discuss this through with the Priest.


Prayers & Dedication of Weddings in Church following a Civil Wedding or Civil Partnership
If you are a heterosexual couple seeking a blessing of Wedding either in a Registry Office or a wedding elsewhere, then a service of blessing in a Church can happen after the Civil wedding.  Further if you have a Civil Partnership Service in the Registry Office, it is perfectly proper to seek a service of blessing in a church following it.  Again it will be expected that couples live within the parish or are on the electoral roll of the parish by being a regular attender of church services.  For more information on this please do ask to meet with the Priest through the contact information above.