The greatest problem in the twenty-first century Western world is that most of us basically do not like ourselves, or struggle to be who we are.  As a result we neglect to sustain a healthy integrated inner life – and fall for the delusion that consumptive gratification, (where we exist on the surface of ourselves) and constant activity and entertainment, will bring us happiness. Instead we have become overly rational existing most of the time in our heads and not connected to our bodies and our emotions.  Sadly the consequences result in human impoverishment and that many of us struggle with unintegrated inner lives, depression, anxiety, addictions of every kind. 

Spirituality and in particular Christian Spirituality is a focus of St Luke’s Church.  Our nascent New Monastic Community are committed to forms of contemplative prayer and spirituality as a way of encountering and knowing God as well as enabling a fuller, integrated and healthier life.  Within our evolving rhythm of life, ancient forms of Christian prayer, meditation, contemplation, dialogue and study are seen as crucial disciplines and activities.

As our interpretation of the Christian life is focused on ‘contemplative or prayerful action’ we encourage all those involved or interested in our approach to being church and Christian to utilise our regular activities and training opportunities.  As St Francis said this approach is based on ‘experience that leads to understanding’. We grow in self-understanding and health as we learn to sustain a spiritual life, where we grow more integrated and less neglected  inner lives nourished by the love of God.

For a particularly new monastic and Christian approach to spirituality, there are three areas that we seek to promote:

Body | Spiritual Wellbeing | Orthopathy
Right Being or well-being and healthly approaches to not neglect physical needs
Heart | Spiritual Practices | Orthopraxis
Right living, behaviour, spiritual practices and healthy living
Mind | Spiritual Thinking | Orthodoxy
Right thinking, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, study and healthy thinking 

We have compiled a number of different forms of contemplative prayer that links to the Body, Heart and Mind.  Click here to see our online contemplative prayer resources.