Jesus comes as a liberating gift of love for you by Ian Mobsby


In this podcast Ian Mobsby explores thebirth of Jesus as a cosmological gift of liberation, as a transformative gift of love that we remember in the season of Christmas – the Christ Mass. This gift of love is open to everyone, all you need do is follow. You can subscribe to this podcast for free by iTunes by clicking here.

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New Years Day: The God-child is named Jesus – ‘God is our salvation’ by Ian Mobsby


In this podcast Ian Mobsby explores the significance of the naming of the baby Jesus.  We remember that he was named in Hebrew ‘Yeshua’ where Jesus is the Latin for this name.  Jesus literally means ‘The Lord is salvation’. This name then is prophetic for the life and destiny of the Son of God, the Emmanuel.    This homily draws […]

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Christmas Day: Scandalous gift of God as a Peasant’s Child


In this podcast Ian Mobsby explores the implications of God coming as a helpless baby, about the intentions of God who has immense love for us that he comes in all vulnerability and on our terms.  This podcast was recorded on the 25th December 2016 at St Lukes Peckham. You can subscribe to this podcast for free by iTunes by clicking here.

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Christmas Eve: We are a people of the Incarnation by Ian Mobsby


In this podcast Ian Mobsby explores lectionary texts for Christmas Eve to explore the significance of Jesus coming as a human being, as an incarnate God man.  The texts speak to us of justice, and the call of Jesus as the God-with-us means that God is serious about our humanity, and also about our salvation.  Further, we are called to […]

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Christmas One: A Christianity that costs and where often you don’t fit in


In this podcast on the first Sunday of Christmas 2015/16 Ian Mobsby draws on the Gospel of Luke 2:41-52 and Acts 7.51-60 to explore the theme of a Christianity that costs. In the Acts reading Ian explores the death of Stephen, the first Christian to die for their faith, and also the Luke reading of a young 12 year old […]

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Christmas Day: Emmanuel is not the ‘God with them’ but the ‘God with us’


In this podcast on Christmas Day at St Luke’s Church Peckham Ian Mobsby explores the meaning of ‘Emmanuel’ as ‘God with us’.  Too often in Christianity the story of the birth of Jesus is heard as the story of the God ‘for them’.  This homily explores the generous and scandalous love of God, that seeks to come as a fragile […]

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