Easter 5: Love & Inclusion are central to those who call themselves followers of Jesus


In this podcast Ian Mobsby explores the theme of the New Commandment in John 13.31-35 where Jesus challenged the disciples to remember the centrality of love.  Jesus speaks with authority here, about love being an action just as much as it being an emotion.   The Church is called to be a transfomrative and inclusive community acting on love. This […]

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Epiphany One: Living the baptism orientated life as a Christian


In this podcast on the first Sunday of Epiphany 2016, Ian Mobsby explores the theme of ‘Living the baptism orientated life’ drawing on the Gospel of Luke, and his interepration of the baptism of Jesus.  Luke is different to other gospel writers in that there are no details about the baptism, but a greater concern for what happened afterwards.  For […]

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