Jesus calms the storms of our lives by Collins Durueke


In this podcast recorded on tthe 13h August 2017, Collins Durueke explores the gospel text of the day, Matthew 14.22-33 to explore the implications of the calming of the storm. In difficult times, the water always represents chaos, so it is deeply significant that Jesus calms the storm, and therefore calms the storms of our lives in the uncertainty of […]

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Epiphany 3: Christ is our Light in a time of fear and darkness by Ian Mobsby


In this podcast Ian Mobsby explores the significance of the prophecy of Isaiah 9:1-4, and the Gospel of Matthew 4: 12-23 to explore the significance of Jesus as the light to bring hope to those who are in darkness. Ultimately Jesus comes as Messiah and as the Son of God into our world, who will overcome all darkness as God […]

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