St Luke’s team as part of Peckham Citizens led by Calum Green explore local residents needs


Today members of St Luke’s Sunday morning and evening congregations combined to knock on doors on Commercial Way, Chandler Way and Pentridge Street to listen to the views of local residents concerning their struggles and thoughts about local issues. Calum, our Community Organiser co-ordinating Peckham Citizens led the team. We are compiling results and will publish these soon. We are […]

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Community Organising: A dialogue with Calum Green and his role with Peckham Citizens


  In this podcast Calum Green, Community Organiser with Peckham Citizens (part of UK Citizens) talked of his interest, experience and understandng of this important role with social justice and empowerment.  This was recorded in the Tuesday evening nascent new monastic gathering at St Lukes Peckham. You can subscribe to this podcast by iTunes by clicking here.

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