Welcome to the web site for St Luke’s Peckham or as it is officially known – St Luke’s Camberwell. We hope you find this website both enjoyable and informative. Situated in North Peckham, we seek to serve the parish of St Luke’s which is a mixture of residential housing, schools, primary health and support, shops, parks, bars and pubs.

As a Church we are seeking to be a modern and diverse Christian spiritual community with a number of new initiatives where we are honest to God and honest to now. As such we are becoming what is called a ‘fresh expression of church’ with all sorts of different things happening to support people in their spiritual and other needs. We are an inclusive church drawing on the sacramental to central traditions of the Church of England but in fresh and new expressions of worship, mission and community. As a Church we have to raise the money to cover all our costs. We do not receive any historic grants or central financial support from the Diocese of Southwark or the Church of England, and rely on the generosity of financial donations to support our work. St Luke’s Church is a parish church and registered charitable organization with the UK HMRC and part of the Diocese of Southwark of the Church of England, and part of the World Anglican Communion.