Membership & Participation

As a Church of England Parish Church of the Diocese of Southwark, anyone living in the parish or those who attend services are able to join the electoral roll of St Luke’s Parish Church.  Being part of the electoral roll enables those named to take part in the governance structures of the local parish church.

Applying to join the Electoral Roll of St Luke’s Church
In a parish church, an applicant needs to attend services for 6 months before they can formally apply to join the electoral roll.  If this is you, please download and complete the form below, completing all the sections and then sending this in to:


The Electoral Roll Officer
Parish Office
St Luke’s Church Peckham
Chandler Way, SE15 6LU

Joining the St Luke’s New Monastic Community
One of the unique qualities of St Luke’s is that we have a number of initiatives, one being the St Luke’s New Monastic Community.  This seeks a deeper and more contemplative rhythm of life, seeking to serve God and serve some of the needs of North Peckham.  If you are interested in this, then we advise you to go to a Sunday Evening Service which are hosted by our New Monastic Community.